Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baclaran Cinema

Baclaran Cinema
Landmark: Behind Baclaran Church

Located behind the famous Baclaran Church, Baclaran Cinema is frequented by young adults and daddies. Unlike gay theaters in Manila, it has no competitors giving the cinema an advantage of attracting guys in the vicinity.

The fee is 75 pesos. When you enter the cinema for the first time, act as though it is not your first time. There are many callboy finders outside so it's best if you don't look at them. When you surrender your ticket to the checker, you have an option to enter through the left or right. The restroom is on the the left though. There are many interesting guys. I have come to know some rich businessmen and professionals inside.

There are some irritating loud gays unfortunately. They don't respect privacy. From time to time, guards are patrolling. Their aim is to catch those who are doing the act. They are armed with cudgels. As I heard, if you're caught you'll be fined 300 to 500 pesos or you'll be cleaning the filthy bathroom. It's ironic because this place is visited for sex. If not for these gays, the cinema will not profit. They stop patrolling from 7PM to 10PM which is its closing time.

The cinema has two floors but there is no difference in fees. Its area is not as big as Dilson whose capacity is between 200-400 people. But it is not a problem. No two hundred gays would like to be in that cinema at the same time. There is no air conditioning. Try to be friendly and gain more friends.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Days at Bravo Theater

Address: 665-667 QUEZON BLVD, QUIAPO, Manila

After my trip to Dilson Theater, I developed the courage to visit similar theaters. Manila has lots of them. I am interested in knowing what I can see inside. In terms of the activities that are expected to be seen inside, I want to know who the crowds are, how many people go there, and what can it offer me.

I found myself buying a ticket to the Bravo Theater. The theater is in an old building close to Quiapo Church. The truth is about three to four similar theaters surround the church. It's a little bit ironic, I suppose. The entrance fee was PhP75. It's a little bit expensive compared to Dilson. I thought that it was probably offering a more thrilling experience.

Bravo Theater has three floors. Based on observation, the first floor is dedicated to callboys. If you linger in this part of the theater, you will certainly be approached by them and offer you service even though you don't appear to be someone who needs service. The callboys here are very desperate. But do not blame them. They are simply victims of poverty. They are compelled to do their thing in order to support their family according to a friend of mine who habituates the place.

When I first entered I went directly to the first floor because it is absolutely more accesible. There were so many people then because it was a weekend. As expected, it was too dark. I've been walking to and fro that I didn't know that I was already creating interest to some people. It seemed that everyone there knew each other. Until somebody approached me. At first I was reluctant. I needed to be very careful and cautious as I didn't know the intention of the people. He introduced himself to me. He said he hasn't seen me before. I told him it was my first time in Bravo. Minutes has passed he was able to make me comfortable. He said there was a much exciting crowd on the second and third floor.I was delighted. We went upstairs together.

He was absolutely right. Too many men were waiting upstairs.The second floor and the third floor can be considered one since you can climb from the second floor to the third floor by stepping on the wrecked seats without using the stairs. Something happened between the two of us. It was not blowjob though because I refused to use my mouth to a stranger. We masturbated together.

The "students" in Bravo Theaterr are very brave. They don't seem to care about the people around them while having sex. It's very common to see people doing and receiving blowjob. In my case, I am just a receiver. Every now and then I see some who do anal penetration. I fear for them because they may likely to catch diseases. But such scenes add to the thrill. It's too obvious if something is going on - a number of people are surrounding it. The percentage of good looking guys is very little. The thing that makes this cinema exciting is the bravery of the goers. They are so damn brave. You can watch but no touch. You may try to touch and see if the other party will just tolerate you. If you are tolerated then you may join officially. It is a perfect place for exhibitionists.

Bravo Theater is such a big cinema. Although seats are very limited; thus your option is to stand just like most of the people. Besides, you won't choose to sit for a long time because you'll be bitten by bed-bugs. Awful! There are 2 large industrial fans on either sides which are meant for the 2 floors. It's too hot inside. The tendency of the people is to roam around topless. Not too good sceneries though. The number of cute guys is trifle to nothing. Whenever I come to this place, I am always being chased after. I don't know if it's because I am attractive in the dark, they choose young ones, out of no choice, or I am truly likeable. I wish it is the latter.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Days at Dilson Theater


It is probably the most popular cinema in the gay community in Manila. It is situated on Recto avenue. Goers or cruisers call themselves "students" as euphemism while they call the cinema "school". It is ordinary to hear  among themselves statements such as "Are you going to school?" when in public.

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I've gone to Dilson Theater for quite a few times even though going to that place takes approximately 2 hours from my house. I've also known some nice people there, although I cannot consider them friends. I know their names and they know mine; or perhaps their screen names as I don't give my real name to them either.

I was 19 years old when I first entered Dilson Theater. A male partner of mine took me to that place. I was too hesitant to enter although there was a bit of excitement. I was excited about what I could see inside. Of course I was not innocent about the possibility things or actions that I might see. But I was too nervous. My partner even insulted me of being pretentious. Well! He had no idea what I was actually feeling. I was afraid, nervous but excited since it would be my first time. I could not blame him for thinking I was pretentious since it was also in a cinema where we first met. But that cinema was not like Dilson.

He paid for the entrance fee which was PhP50. The cinema has two floors, regular and deluxe. Since it was my first time, I became over-observant. I noticed the operating hours of the cinema, 2PM to 10PM. As we entered, there were a lot of people standing by outside the entry to the bigscreen. I didn't pay attention to their looks. All I knew was they were all looking at us.

We entered the first floor. It was too dark. I couldn't see anything around but the bigscreen which was showing an unfamiliar movie. It was also hot inside. It wasn't airconditioned. I could feel that there were a lot of men inside walking here and there. My heart was pounding so hard. He tried to look for seats for us.

There were plenty of seats but most of them were broken. He said we'd better go to the second floor. I followed him to the second floor. It was even darker. I couldn't see anything. He used his cellphone to get some light avoid so we wouldn't slip but it only helped a little. I knew he was too familiar with the place because he didn't show any sign of hesitation. He was also certain with what he has stepping on. Finally, he found seats for the two of us. It was only 15 minutes since we entered the cinema. Gradually, my eyes were beginning to adapt to the darkness of the area. I could now watch my surroundings. There were a lot of people. Some were standing or walking and some were sitting too. They were doing sexual activities which really startled me. I thought that it was a very sinful place. They were doing in public what was supposed to be done in private. The worst thing was some were doing it not by two's but as a group. The gestures of their hands and the movements of the heads were suggestive of a worldly mentality of the men inside the theater.

He asked me whether I was enjoying it or not. I replied with certainty "No!" He called me a hypocrite. I was not a hypocrite. It was not enjoying what I could see. I was too idealistic at that time. I demanded to leave the place for I could no longer contain what was happening inside Dilson. We left but I received contempts from him. Good thing we are no longer together. Going to that cinema was not the reason though.

After several years, I've found myself visiting that place alone. Haha! It is so funny. I used to be allergic to the sight of the cinema but then I learned to like it. Now I try hard to stop myself from going to it but I just can't help it. There are times of my visit that something happens and there are times when there is none. It's simply addictive. I got to know people and got to know their stories.

Some of the people who go to Dilson come from places a lot farther than from where I come. There is one man who admits that he travels 6-8 hours to Dilson and he visits 2 to 4 times a month. He is from Baguio City.

I started noticing almost every detail of the cinema from the people to the objects in it. There are more attendees during weekends, especially on a Saturday. Gays who frequent the cinema come from different walks of life, from uneducated to educated, from non-professional to professional, from poor to rich, although inside the cinema difference is out of the picture. Almost everyone inside goes to the cinema for a unanimous goal-- to find someone to play sex with.

I also arrived at some realizations. Doing a bit of drama like standing next to the guy you like to catch his attention is common. You don't have to be shy. But you must be open to rejection, and do not take it personally. If he likes you, you can invite him to take a seat. Some gays want to get involved or at least watch. You may ask your sex partner's permission if you want to invite someone else in the game. Meanwhile, if you are the type of person who values privacy, you can openly tell the person to leave or gesture to him. The common means of conveying your message of rejecting a watcher is by pausing.

The guards patrol sometimes. It is not clear to me what exactly is his purpose in roving. Some people whom I spoke with said that whoever is caught in the act will be asked either to pay a certain amount of money or clean the filthy restroom. Nevertheless, these patrol guards function in a good way. If you as a customer are being harassed, you can tell the guard on these people harassing you.

The second floor is darker and smaller than the first floor. It is most frequented by older goers and the more audicious ones. The older ones are there, I think, in order to obscure their age in the dark. The audacious ones are there to experience a more thrilling encounter usually in the form of threesome or total nakedness.
Some guys are not there for a plain fun. Some of them are callboys. It is not difficult to distinguish who they are because usually they are the ones who will off you their service.

In my last visit to Dilson, my purpose was just to feel companied. I think one of the things I like about going to places like that is the fact that I know I am surrounded by the people like me. I can chat with anyone of them and feel free.